PES Principal

Principal Trevor Heaton


Welcome to our new webpage.  Thanks to our secretary Mrs. Denise Orton who has spent hours of work creating this new resource for all of us to get the latest news and information about what is happening at Parowan Elementary School.  We are all working hard and doing our best to be “True RAMS” .  Our new positive behavior plan uses the acronym of RAMS to remind us to be Respectful, Accountable, Make a Difference, and Serve Others.  We have been handing out cards and recognizing the awesome things that our students are doing.  We love how this connects us with our amazing High School.  I am so proud of our students efforts to be kind and make a difference in our community.

I would also like to thank our school resource officer, Mr. Jed Townsend who has been seen reading to classes, welcoming students to school, and roaming the halls.  He is such a positive presence in our building.  I love the support he gives to myself and to our teachers and students.

Thanks to our PTA who have pulled off some outstanding activities to support our teachers and students.  Thanks to McDonalds who let us have a family meal night and donated proceeds to our school.  We all appreciated our fun family movie night and the creative Valentine door decorating.  We have great volunteers supporting us throughout the year.  I love our school and our community and am grateful each day for the chance to be here with you all!