All Community Council Meetings can be found on the school calendar
Meetings will take place at Parowan Elementary  @ 2:00pm

Sept. 13 – Council Organization
Nov. 28 – Budget/Training
Feb. 27 – Finalize Plan

Trust Lands Information Video


Community Council Membership
Member Phone email Position
Aubrey Tuttle 435-660-0403 Parent
Rochell Topham 435-463-4435 Parent
Trevor Heaton 435-590-6863 Principal
Amber Evans 435-590-3699 Parent
Amy Johnson 435-477-3276 Faculty Rep./Teacher
Shalyce Wilson 760-264-5640 Parent

Trust Land Expenditures 2018-2019

Items Amount
Trust Lands Teaching Assistants $33,860.00
PLC Professional Development $6,141.00
Studies Weekly 5th grade | Scholastic News 1st grade $711.00
Science Books Grades 3-6 $893.00
Reading for All Learners intervention books $811.00
Total $42.416.00
School Trust Land Funding Total Distribution $45,195.00